A well-designed building either for either institutional or commercial needs can improve the performance of the building, not only for its sturdiness as you choose proper material for the construction, but also the comfortableness inside the building. Simply say, a proper building construction should be able to protect the people inside from harsh weather outside, too, it should have a thermal control feature, therefore the temperature will be not that cold in winter or hot in summer. Building envelopes are essential part when constructing the building. For those who don’t know, it a separator that separates both exterior and interior.

The envelope includes the floor, wall,doors, windows, and more. Though it is not necessary for you to know thoroughly about envelope, have some basic information about envelope will help you to know the best material to choose for the building, and also when when it comes to heat or energy distribution. Type for envelope is varied, such as envelope for dry climate, cold climate, tropical climate and the combination of hold and cold climate. Which means, the materials are picked depend upon the location where the building is built, not to mention the materials that are available.

Ensure that the envelope part of your building is constructed properly for whatever the building that you expect to build. You have to rely on professionals that have in-depth understanding related to building construction to offer you advice for a proper design for your building. Looking for one firm for engineering consulting with years of experience maybe not that simple for many considerations to put in mind before you finally make a final decision. First, you have to find out the expertise of that certain firm through its experience and the way they handle the project. Second, it’s about the areas they experience with, alongside with kind of consultation that they give.


Garden DesignIf you are looking for some useful tips on elegant garden design, look no further than egardendesign.eu for every bit of useful information on your flower and garden as well as great garden accessories. Egardendesign.eu will provide you with excellent ideas on garden design that you can use to make your garden seem like the most beautiful part of your house. You will get handy hints and authentic information on various aspects of garden design, including garden furniture, herb selections, garden accessories and toys, flower ideas, garden games and leisure activities centered round your garden, irrigating your garden to ensure that you use water efficiently without endangering the health of your flowers and plants. In addition, you will also find information on garden furniture, garden lighting, garden tools, and even tips on how to build a swimming pool in your garden! Here we discuss some of the most notable features of egardendesign.eu.

The basis of a beautiful garden is garden design. On egardendesign.eu you will learn about the various principles of garden design that professional landscapers use in their own garden design projects. You will learn through clear and lucid descriptions of popular garden designs from all over the world. These garden designs include zen garden designs, English garden designs, Italian garden designs, hanging gardens, water gardens. You will also be able to read on various commonly used structures in garden design.

On egardendesign.eu you will also find an incredible volume of information on beautiful flowers for your garden. Instead of giving instructions on how to grow these flowers in your garden, the flower section gives detailed information on the varieties and growing conditions of several garden flowers including the rose, tulip, daisy, lilac, orchid, and many more. Beginners will find the flower section very helpful as it provides information on flower and garden in an easy to understand manner. This does not mean that the flower section is not useful for expert gardeners. For the more experienced gardeners and hobbyists, the flower section will tell you how you can extend your passion for flowers further by making flower selling your business.

Another useful section of egardendesign.eu is the garden accessories section. Like garden flowers, garden accessories also have an important function in garden design. They make the garden a comfortable place to be and enjoy the beauty. Garden toys can especially make the garden inviting to children. In the garden accessories section, you will find valuable the different types of garden accessories you can use to enhance your garden design, depending on the size of your garden. For instance, there are separate links to flower pots and planters for your flowers, barbecue grills and fountains. Each of these garden accessories has a specific role in your overall garden design. They provide a focal point where you and your family can come together and enjoy the natural beauty of your garden.

Apart from sections on garden design, flowers, and garden accessories, there are also sections on garden tools, recipes using flowers, flower decorations, centerpiece flowers, bouquet flowers, and even the special meanings associated with different flowers.

Rattan FurnitureRattan garden furniture requires no detailed introduction. It is popular because of it is a durable outdoor feature. Since it is durable, it does not mean that it does not require maintenance. This furnishing is offered in the market as maintenance free, but it really needs some maintenance. The basic maintenance is to keep it clean from dust and moisture.

Yes! The rattan furniture is able to withstand exterior elements, which are why it is called durable. But there is no point in neglecting them. Maintenance increases the life and keeps the beauty of the fixture in place. They must not be allowed to gather dust and soak in moisture. One should clean it daily and regularly. You do not want your guests sitting on a dirty rattan for an afternoon tea. Rattan is a long-lasting variety of wood that is strong and resilient towards temperature changes, dust and moisture. The feature that makes it popular among furniture creatures is not durability but its acceptance of colors. It has good affinity with the colors and coloring once in a year not just restores the beauty but also extends the life.

The question arises why choose rattan, when there are options available in the market? You start questioning and exploring. You must do it, only to know that the rattan is best among the outdoor furniture material. It is harder than the metal and flexible than plastic. It is strong like a rock and yet lighter like a feather. You can move it like a paper and can place it where it will sit like a milestone. Rattan Garden furniture is often touted to be expensive but comparing it with cheap fittings available; it is an affordable fixture one can find. Investing in rattan furniture, makes you get maximum return on investment. Leave any furniture outside for few days, only to find it warped, algae infected and dirty. However, with Rattan fixtures, you have more chances of restoration as much damage is resisted. You will not find this furniture in bad shape like other furnishings. This wood can stand UV rays, high temperature and chilly winters.

This durability does not come into the way of designing these furnishings. You can get a stylish sofa for the lawn, dinner sittings or even a sun lounger. You can choose from various designs with the contemporary and classic touch, available in the market. Browse online for the garden furniture store and select the furnishings. You can even ask the supplier for different color of fixtures. Just choose that suits your house and garden.

Garden FountainPrimarily fountains are the items of decoration and add class and style to your outdoor decor. There are many different garden fountains to select from array available make sure you choose the one that ought to add style and charm to your garden irrespective of the garden setting. There are ample of benefits to mention and here are few reasons to have a fountain right there in your garden.

One of the major benefits of having an outdoor garden fountain is that it adds an aura of peace and calm to your garden making it much more relaxing place for you after whole day toil and hard work. Hearing the splash of water doles out a soothing and calming. After the day full of stress and worry, sitting by the garden fountain can make all the problems mellow down just like that. You can also arrange for few benches or chairs around the area and can mediate by the fountain.

Another good reason of having an outdoor fountain is that it can be a focal point to your complete outdoor setting. There are many fountain types that can be selected as per your outdoor themes as in Buddha fountains, water fall garden, cascading fountains and many more. Most of these fountains are self-contained comprising everything. But make ensure that you have regular flow of power and water running. Also make sure that pumps and wiring is hidden behind in a way that it does not form an impediment in the garden beauty. With up gradation of technology, there are some fountains that make use of solar power to make them work. They may either work when sun is out or may store energy in a small battery that can be used later.

Another good reason to have an outdoor in your backyard is that they are built to last for long. Usually these models are made of real stones and heavy poly resin that ensures its strength. They carry the same feel and look as the real stone without any cost involved of buying stone. Moreover these materials are easy to clean and maintain. You need a spray and garden hose that helps in easy cleaning. These materials come in wide variety and in different shapes and sizes. You can get Hawaiian Gods, Deities as well as Buddha fountains, cascading structured and simulated rock wall fountains.

Garden fountains are being used as major item of decoration nowadays and add real glory to your entire setting. In addition there are many types of fountains that can easily fit in your budget. The costs really depend on how large and elaborate fountains you want for your garden and what are the materials used in building it. The more complex, the more expensive it will be. However there are many designs that cost well within your budget.

People are more health conscious in today’s society than ever before. We are buying more organic foods, filtering our water, getting more exercise and watching the types of food we eat. Some of us grow our own vegetables and even raise our own chickens.

People are jogging by at all hours of the day and night and dogs are being walked on a daily basis. Do you notice that a lot of parents are finally getting their kids away from the TV and video games, encouraging them to participate in outdoor sports and activities?

This is all a good thing. Anything you can do to save money and be active is great. Health clubs are also a good thing. The only problem is, today’s economy is not user friendly for monthly memberships. Health club memberships are not cost effective anymore and are unfortunately dropping members little by little.

Organic foods cost twice and maybe even triple the amount of non-organic foods. Plastic water bottles are a large source of pollution and there is question as to the health of the bottle itself.

Let’s face it; it cost money to be healthy. Prices are rising higher than our paychecks. We have to do something. What do we do? We start with one thing at a time. As a matter of fact, let’s start off pulling double duty.

Let’s filter the quality of our indoor air and save money at the same time by growing micro greens. The indoor green garden of today is healthy, nutritious and convenient. Just what the doctor ordered!

Micro greens are the absolute best way to supplement your nutritional needs. They are affordable to grow, they are easy to grow and they can grow anywhere inside your home that you desire. You may have a few initial costs to start a setup, but then, it’s just about buying seeds. And when you buy seeds in bulk, your dollars will stretch.

And speaking of making your dollars stretch, you can stretch them even further by growing the soil-less way. Growing micro greens soil-less, is the most cost effective way. This is where we utilize terracotta planting trays.

All nurseries & plant shops supply terracotta trays, so obtaining them is quite convenient. Make sure the ones you purchase are NOT glazed.

Terracotta is a natural porous product that allows aeration to your growing plants. The porosity of the tray also allows for water to be absorbed into the tray itself keeping your plants moist even when all the water is out. But don’t wait to long to water, a dry tray means dry seeds. And, don’t water too much as your seeds will spoil.

Terracotta does take a little getting use to, but the benefits are tremendous. The savings are huge and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t wait. Start growing micro greens in your own organic indoor green garden today.

Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States; herb gardening is a delightful activity and is meant to be a peaceful hobby that is enjoyed and viewed with pleasure and where the homeowners can relax at the end of their busy day. Furthermore growing herbs at home is one nature-loving activity that you can share with your children and easily get on their hands.

Among the great number of plants you can grow in an herb garden it is mustard. Mustard herbs are great plants you can cultivate in a home herb garden. Mustard has been used for thousands of years for their piquant taste in condiments, spicy greens for side dishes and salads, and in ancestral Chinese medicine to treat different sickliness. Mustards seeds are cited in antique Sanskrit documents from around 5,000 years ago and the Bible calls mustard the greatest among the herbs. Appraised for their mighty flavor and curative qualities, mustard seed and the plant itself have been cultivated for its striking yellow flowers and spicy leaves.

Mustard is classified as a food, medicine, spice, and condiment. White mustard, as well known as yellow mustard, is original of North Africa, central Asia, and the Mediterranean. This is the mustard that is used largely in the manufacturing of American mustards, as it is the least spicy. Otherwise special mustards such as Dijon are prepared with brown mustard seeds.
Mustard seeds carry a lot of curative qualities and have been used for hundred of years by Chinese herbalists to cure abscesses, bronchitis, colds, rheumatism, toothache, ulcers, and stomach chronic diseases. Mustard seeds are helpful to lessen the severity of asthma, reduce certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and assist prevent cancer. Mustard poultice are still being used nowadays to deal with rheumatism, arthritis, chest congestion, aching back, and sore muscles.

Mustard greens are the foliage of the mustard plant Brassica juncea, are native of the Himalayan and have been farmed and consumed for more than 5,000 years. All fresh mustard leaves can be used for mustard greens. Mustard greens are essential vegetables in a lot of cultures all over the world.

Mustard greens are tremendous source of vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. They furthermore have vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, niacin, vitamin A, and are an exceptional source of phytochemicals deemed to prevent cancer. In Chinese herbal medicine, mustard greens are used to heal bladder inflammations and to stop hemorrhage. Eating mustard greens is considered a great blessing to persons suffering different illness ranging from asthma to heart sickness or to menopausal symptoms.

Mustards are yearly herbs and grow from 2-4 feet (60-120 cm) tall. Their flowers are yellow and the white mustard flowers have a gentle vanilla fragrance. Like most of herbs in a home herb garden, mustards can be started indoors or settled up straightforwardly into the soil in the first days of spring. If you are starting mustards indoors, plenty light is fundamental. Hang lights 3 inches (7.5 cm) over the sprouts and place lights on for at least 16 hours a day. They like better a rich, humid, arranged soil with satisfactory drainage. Plant seeds at a depth of  inch (6 mm) and keep an eye on instructions on the seed packet. They grow top in full sun and have to be kept moist for the period of the growing season. When planting it is convenient to space mustard plants 6 inches (15 cm) apart. Harvest your mustard plants for greens when the foliage is young and tender, for cooked greens when the foliage is full-blown, and for seed when the seedpods turn on a brownish nuance.

For cooking, undivided mustard seeds are used in sauerkraut, pickles, curries, sauces, pot roasts, and to spice meats for example lamb, pork, and rabbit. Use fresh flowers as a comestible decoration or you can cook flowers for 2-3 minutes in boiling salted water, drain and serve with butter and sea salt to taste. Mustard seed sprouts can be used in salads, sandwiches, or as a decoration.

Two growing seasons ago some of my plants really got hit hard with an outbreak of white flies. Harmless to humans, they can destroy an entire garden and reproduce at an alarming rate in less than a month. Although they did get one of my plants before I had the chance to bring them under control, I did take some steps necessary to make sure that never happened again. One of those steps I took was making this natural insect repellent. Whereas I wanted to get rid of the white flies, I did not want to use some harmful chemical that would get rid of the beneficial insects and organisms in my garden. Here is the formula I used to help me with these insects and many others.

There are a variety of chemical based insect repellents on the market that work very well, but like most chemical repellents they are meant to kill not repel and if they are killing what they say they are going to kill then chances are they are probably killing everything else in the garden as well. But what you really want is to repel the insects so they do not come to your garden at all.

A good natural insect repellent starts with garlic and hot pepper. As a caution, depending on the type of hot pepper product you use it could cause irritation to the skin and eyes, so make sure you wear gloves and protective eye wear.

Get your ingredients for this natural insect repellent together. You will need five to seven cloves of garlic, one to one and a half tablespoons of a hot pepper powder or extract, cayenne works very well in this recipe, and 3 cups of hot, but not boiling, water.

Grind up the garlic in a food processor or blender and then add in the hot pepper extract product that you have used. Finally pour the hot water in and mix it up really good to combine the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a container such as a Tupperware bowl and set it aside for three days (yes three days) to allow the ingredients to steep thoroughly.

Once the three days are up, and using a strainer to separate the ingredients from the liquid, pour the liquid into a spray bottle that you will use to spray in the garden.

Finally you are ready to use the natural insect repellent. Although you could, it is not necessary to spray the repellent directly on the plants. Spray around your plants which create a barrier for them. Reapply after every rain or heavy watering.

As you can see it is a very easy recipe to follow and will do wonders for your garden and sanity by repelling those pesky insects that can wreak havoc on your crops.

Cuprinol is the current brand leader in the Garden Wood Care sector and it has been protecting wood for over 75 years. Whether it is a fence, decking or garden furniture that needs protecting then Cuprinol has the right product to help preserve, protect and restore your wood. There are a great range of Cuprinol products for all of your wood care needs.

Cuprinol Garden Shades Range

Cuprinol Garden Shades is a great way to provide some vibrant and stylish colour to your garden! Cuprinol Garden Shades can be used on virtually any wood in the garden, including sheds, fences, summerhouses, pergolas and garden furniture. Cuprinol Garden Shades will add colour, but it also protects wood against the damaging effects of the weather. Cuprinol Garden Shades can be applied with a brush or by the Cuprinol sprayers.

To see the full Cuprinol Garden Shades colour range then click here.

Cuprinol Decking Oil & Stain

Decking has become an important part of the UK garden. Cuprinol have a great range of Cuprinol Decking products to protect and / or clean your garden decking.

Cuprinol Decking Oil and Protector is a great way to enhance the colour and protect garden decking. It penetrates into the wood to replace natural oils and resins whilst its tinted formula regenerates the colour of weathered wood. Cuprinol Decking Stain provides both colour and a tough durable protective coat that resists cracking and peeling and it now has an anti-slip formula.

If you need to clean or restore your garden decking then fear not, Cuprinol have products to help. Cuprinol Decking Restorer will restore grey, weathered decking back to its original colour and is ideal for use before applying a protective finish such as Cuprinol Decking Oil & Protector. Cuprinol Decking Cleaner is a powerful detergent specially formulated to remove dirt, grease, algae and mould to prepare decks before treating.

Cuprinol for Garden Furniture

Hardwood garden furniture, usually made from Teak or Mahogany, usually has a close grain. Due to the dense nature of the wood combined with natural resins, hardwood does have some natural weather resistance, but hardwood still needs to be protected. Thankfully there is a range of Cuprinol for Garden Furniture

If you need to revive hardwood garden furniture then Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer is ideal for renovating weathered garden furniture before applying a protective finish such as Cuprinol Hardwood Garden Furniture Protector or Cuprinol Teak Oil.

If you simply need to protect your hardwood garden furniture then Cuprinol Teak Oil protects and enhances the wood by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. The other option for protecting hardwood furniture is to use Cuprinol Ultimate Hardwood Furniture Oil which is a high performance treatment for teak and other hardwood. It has a special formulation that provides longer lasting protection than traditional Teak Oil and works in 3 ways.

Cuprinol for your Fence

If you have a large amount of fencing that needs to be treated then you need an economic way of treating it. Cuprinol have a great range of Cuprinol Fence Products. With Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment and the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer, you can treat each panel in less than 4 minutes, a fraction of the time it would normally take with a brush. Cuprinol One Coat TimberCare has special pigments that ensure rich colour and even coverage. It has a low odour and it is safe to use around plants and pets. Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback colours and waterproofs rough sawn garden wood keeping it looking good for years. It has a special wax enriched formula.

Cuprinol Wood Preserver

If you are looking for a high specification product for protecting your shed, fence or other garden building then you will need to consider a Cuprinol Wood Preserver. There is a great range of wood preservers, but in particular there is Cuprinol Garden Wood Preserver which penetrates deep into wood to protect against rot, decay and mould growth.

Cuprinol Wood Treatment and Repair

Cuprinol Wood Treatment and Repair – Wood can be attacked by insects, or if it becomes damp then it can be susceptible to rot. Both wet and dry rot start in places where timber gets wet. However, wet and dry rot can both be treated, but it is essential to remove the cause of the damp conditions that started them in the first place. Cuprinol 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment (FP) is a clear solvent based wood treatment for the combined eradication of the two main enemies of timber – rot and insect attack.

If woodworm is your problem then you can use Cuprinol Woodworm Killer (F) kills all types of wood-boring beetle larvae. Its deep penetration ensures effective protection for years to come.

Some first time gardeners might wonder why they should bother growing their vegetables organically. They wonder if it even makes any difference in the long run. Before that question can be answered a person must first understand what organic gardening really is.

Organic gardening is gardening without using any chemically created fertilizers, weed killers, or pesticides. In most gardens store bought fertilizers that are crammed with chemicals are used to treat the soil the vegetables are planted in. Later, more store bought pesticides and weed killers are sprayed among the vegetables while they are growing to kill the insects and weeds that are part of any garden.

For many using store bought fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides seems like the best choice. It is often considered easier to run to the market, purchase a bottle of weed killer and spray your garden whenever you notice weeds growing. The process is later repeated when any pests appear or the vegetables do not seem to be growing well. The problem with using these store bought, chemically enhanced items is that you rarely know exactly what you are exposing your vegetables to.

There are some people who do take the time to check the ingredients on their products before buying them but most of us dont. In fact, many of us only look for the cheapest products available. After buying based on price we are then exposing ourselves to potentially harmful chemicals by using them on food we plan to later eat. Yes most vegetables are washed before being eaten but how thoroughly and how will washing help when the food has been grown using fertilizer loaded with unknown chemicals. The following are two common pesticides used for gardening with their known possible side effects:

Malathion- Abdominal pain, stomach cramps, anxiety, unsteadiness, confusion, depression, diarrhea, labored breathing, dizziness, sweating, loss of bowel or bladder control, eyelid, face, and neck twitching, unusual weakness, and slow heartbeat.

Skoot- Headache, dizziness, loss of memory, kidney pain, insomnia, nausea, and vomiting.

These are only two pesticides that can lead to serious health products. There are many more insecticides and pesticides used on vegetables that have very harmful side effects. In addition to chemically saturated pesticides most vegetables are also grown using fertilizers that are filled with chemicals and the vegetable plants are also treated with weed killers that expose vegetables to even more chemicals.

By growing organically you are placing yourself in complete control of what is going into the food that you are eating and completely avoiding any chance of being poisoned by pesticides. When vegetables are grown organically you do not have to wonder about what sort of chemicals your vegetables have been exposed to since you know that you have used no store bought, man made, chemicals in your garden.
In the event that you do feel that your vegetable garden needs pesticide or fertilizer there are natural ways to create both fertilizer and pesticide that do not involve buying outside products.

Along with shunning the use of pesticides organic vegetable gardening is also a great way to save money and valuable resources. Surprisingly, many gardeners and those that are interested in starting their own gardens do not realize that starting an organic garden is a money saving move. It is easy to forget that if you are not using store bought chemicals you do not have to pay additionally money each month for chemicals that you will quickly use and have to replace.

If you do not believe that organic gardening will save you money price the cost of store bought fertilizers, pesticides, and even weed killers the next time you are at the store. Once you have found the cheapest items imagine having to continuously buy them to keep your garden going in addition to your normal household groceries and supplies.

Imagine the money you will you will save by not using these expensive products all together. Also imagine the money you will save by not having to waste gas making last minute trips to the market when you realize you have run out of these supplies.

These last minute trips to the grocery store will happen more often than you realize if you start a garden using chemicals. It is easy to forget to purchase weed killer during a hectic grocery store trip only to come home and find that weeds are overrunning your garden. The same thing often happens with pesticides. Many gardeners will not purchase a replacement bottle of pesticide because they have not noticed any insects. Then, the next thing they know, their garden is overrun with hungry insects ruining the fruits of their labor.

If saving money isnt a major concern for you or your family think about the health benefits that come from gardening organically. Organic vegetables are usually recommended with many diets, especially diets that encourage detoxification and the cleansing of ones system. Having a fresh supply of organic vegetables on hand at all times will help you and your family lead a healthier lifestyle and make any organic vegetable detox diet easier to maintain.

Organic vegetables and a detox regiment can do wonders for your health and the health of your family. Many people who eat meals that are made up of at least 60% organic vegetables will find that they have more energy as a result of receiving more vitamins and minerals from a natural source. Overtime those who have diet consisting primarily of organic vegetables will experience a lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. They will also find it easier to lose weight since they are consuming less fat and processed foods.

Last, but never least, organic vegetables taste much better than those that have been heavily treated with chemicals. Good, organic, vegetables that have never been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals will usually have a more pronounced flavor and better taste than their non-organic counterpart. People who eat organic vegetables taste the vegetable and not the chemicals that have been used to protect and grow the vegetable. Many people who grow organic vegetables do so for the great taste more than anything else.